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Placeholder Chris Nair

Chris went above and beyond - yet again - by hosting an absolutely wonderful, reimagined 9th Annual Kitten Shower to collect supplies and raise funds to help provide for the mother cats and kittens in our foster homes. Between coordinating with the vineyard, organizing amazing raffle baskets, planning games and décor, arranging a volunteer and kitten ambassador schedule, and so much more, this was a huge feat (especially after changing the venue, not having it in-person for the past couple of years, and also needing to use a rain date!). POA is lucky to have you as part of the team!

Nominated by Jessica Sokol

Adoption Success Stories

Kirby finds his forever home

After almost one year living at the East Hampton shelter, Kirby finds his forever home!

Kirby was a stray that was never claimed. He was extremely overweight and could barely get out of his own way. We put him on a strict diet and started a new exercise regimen. It took several months, but we helped Kirby to lose over 20lbs and get acclimated to walking 1 mile every day!

After many months, we discovered that Kirky has Cushing’s Disease. This diagnosis made the likelihood for adoption low given the expense required to maintain a Cushingoid dog.

And then came Geoff! Geoff had just lost his best friend Roman a few days before. A few years ago, Geoff moved back home to take care of his father when he was dying of cancer.  Roman was his father’s dog. Geoff and Roman formed a special bond and Geoff took care of him until it was time to say goodbye.

Geoff never imagined that he would find a dog so quickly after losing Roman. Kirby has some similar personality quirks and traits to Roman and they look a great deal alike. Geoff thought Kirby seemed like a perfect match and wanted to help give him his second chance!

Geoff plans to spend as much time as possible at home with Kirby. He has a fenced yard and a great neighborhood for walking. Once he is settled, Kirby will have his own bedroom with a full-size bed, or he can sleep with Geoff (Geoff’s mom even bought Kirby his own new sheet set). Geoff will also be planting green beans in his yard because he knows it is Kirby’s favorite snack.

Congratulations to Kirby and Geoff!

Ella's Story

Ella was found motionless in the middle of the road.  She wasn’t hurt, just terrified.  You see, she was outside, alone, and completely blind.  The people who found her knew they couldn’t leave her in the road, so they took Ella home and contacted Protectors of Animals. We couldn’t say no to such an incredibly sweet cat with such a heartbreaking story.  When Ella arrived, we suspected from her bulging eyes that she had glaucoma, a very painful and irreversible condition in cats.  Sadly, we were right.  The pressure caused by the glaucoma was causing Ella a great deal of discomfort, so the decision was made to remove her eyes so that she could have a better quality of life.
Ella was a wonderful patient and recovered quickly.  She became a volunteer favorite with her sweet (and occasionally sassy) ways.  A few weeks ago we posted her for adoption.
And held our collective breaths.
Because Ella was adorable.  But black cats are not usually the first chosen.  Add blindness to that.  And some people, we knew, would be put off by the fact that Ella’s eyes had been removed.  We also needed the right kind of home for Ella.  Little kids would probably not be a good idea because Ella (like any blind cat) needs to know where things are.  A very chaotic home would not be a good fit.  And while Ella had been fine with other respectful cats at the shelter, a blind cat is often bullied.   So we knew that it might be hard to find the right match.
There was some initial interest in Ella but no instant match.  We were despondent.  But we reminded ourselves that we only need one adopter.  Just one.
And then we heard from Annie.  Annie took Ella home on Saturday.  We have already received two updates.  Ella is exploring.  Ella is having supervised visits with Annie’s cat and while they aren’t best friends yet, they are getting along.  Ella spent her first afternoon napping in Annie’s lap.  Ella is already so loved. We are thrilled at every word.
But honestly we didn’t need to read the words.  Because Annie also sent photos.  Including this photo.  And the naked joy on both faces told us everything we needed to know.
This is the magic we hope for. This is why we stay in rescue even though it can be unimaginably hard sometimes.  Because other times a blind, abandoned cat finds the person that she was always meant to find.

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Upcoming Events

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Betty White Challenge - The Final Numbers Are In!

February 28, 2022

$21,629 raised!  Thank you to everyone who took the #bettywhitechallenge to honor the incredible Betty White.



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Meet The Board

Andrew Kim


I am a lifelong Connecticut resident and avid UConn Husky fan! I currently work in corporate strategy with a focus on marketing and communications at HyAxiom, Inc. I love being outdoors, especially on a scenic hike.


I have been with POA for about a year and a half, and have loved every moment of it! I hope to join the Cat Socialization team in the near future.


I work with our amazing social media team/volunteers to promote POA, our mission, events, and all the amazing work that happens.


The most rewarding experience is something I get to experience quite frequently and that is the amazing work that I see happening at all levels of POA. From the amazing care that our staff and volunteers put into their work, to the planning and dedication from the Board members, POA is truly a special organization and I am fortunate to be part of it.


THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication! We have the most amazing volunteers at POA and I cannot thank you enough for everything you do. Keep up the great work!

View the latest Board Minutes here*.

*board minutes will be on a delay due to need for board approval before releasing.

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