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Aileen Mazzeo Lawton

Thank you for all you are doing to help Howie become a more well balanced, behaved and happy dog! We really appreciate your efforts.

Nominated by Anya Merli

Adoption Success Stories

Bella Gets A Valentine!

After losing the only family she has known since she was a puppy and spending almost 14 months in a shelter/boarding environment, Bella finally got her happily ever after.

When her owner died at the end of 2020, Bella found herself needing a new home and she eventually made her way to POA.  Bella made the best of her time at the shelter—she was loved by all of the volunteers.  She enjoyed daily walks and played fetch every day, while she waited for it to be her time to go home. Bella got to enjoy a couple of weeks in foster recently after a major snowstorm (and stayed because the volunteer and her family enjoyed Bella's company and Bella was having a blast!).

After months and months of almost no inquiries for poor Bella, along came Fred.  Fred had seen Bella on the POA website for quite a while, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to open his heart yet again. Fred had lost his beloved dog and his wife within months of each other and was trying to find his way.  Fred decided that it was time and he reached out to us about Bella.  When the two met for the first time, it was like they had been waiting for each other.  Fred was so excited and couldn’t believe that Bella was still available - it literally was meant to be. This is truly a situation where Bella needed Fred as much as Fred needed Bella.

Congratulations to Fred and Bella!!

Weegan's Story

Weegan is also almost eleven years old and diabetic. He is fluffy and adorable and pretty chill. He lets us stack toys on him and put him in hats. He likes laying next to his favorite volunteers like a giant fuzzy pillow and can move surprisingly fast if a treat hits the floor.

In February, Weegan found his very special adopter, Eric and Marie.  In rescue we jokingly refer to them as “Unicorn adopters”.  Starting from his first day in his new home, he did great!  He is very affectionate and purred up a storm.  HIs new parents said: "Thank you for believing in us and giving us this chance to help and love him!"

Upcoming Events

A reminder that our first Town Hall is this coming Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 on Zoom!

As we gear up for our first Town Hall (yay!) we wanted to share our goals and planned format with all of you in the hopes of making this event as successful as possible.


First of all, our goal. The primary purpose of this Town Hall is to share with all of you the great work that’s being done across our organization, and just as importantly, to field any and all questions our Protectors have. Whether those questions are financial or operational, complicated or simple, we want to be transparent with you all. We may not have all the answers. Some of the answers might not be easy. But, we are committed to sharing with you all.


On Tuesday, March 15th we’ll kick off at 6:30pm with some introductions and prepared materials that will end by 7pm. There’s a lot of awesome work that we want to share with everyone, and we’re doing our best to keep it brief! We will spend the next hour fielding questions. For logistical reasons we will be utilizing Zoom’s Webinar format which will limit video and audio to the events planned speakers.


To ensure our digital venue is properly set up for the number of participants coming, we would love it if you RSVP'd in advance by click yes to the invite you received!


Participants will be able to submit questions live during the event by using a typed chat, or by submitting questions in advance when you RSVP. Questions asked in advance will give us time to consolidate similar questions and ensure we have a thorough response!


Lastly, here is the link to join the Town Hall on Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30pm!


Protectors of Animals Town Hall!


We are very much looking forward to connecting with all of you!




The Protectors of Animals Board of Directors


Check out the calendar below to see upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Interested in joining the Events Committee?  Email Jess!

Event Successes

Betty White Challenge - The Final Numbers Are In!

February 28, 2022

$21,629 raised!  Thank you to everyone who took the #bettywhitechallenge to honor the incredible Betty White.



Shelter Practice & CEU

Continuing Education:
Learn about how to support shy and fearful cats in the shelter and at home!  Read more >


Helen St. Pierre, CPDT-KSA, CDBC, OSCT and Head Trainer of No Monkey Business Dog Training (NMBDT) in New Hampshire. NMBDT has won Best of NH two years in a row and Best of Concord annually from 2011-2020. Helen has been involved in sheltering and professional dog training for nearly 20 years. She has a wealth of knowledge and a sense of humor to boot!

Helen has graciously offered to provide us with a live orientation on Canine Learning Theory. Please make sure to RSVP to this event. Please see below for Helen's instructions and link:

Please try to be right on time for the scheduled time and day of your workshop.

April 6th @ 6:30
No Monkey Business Dog Training is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
No Monkey Business Dog Training's Personal Meeting Room https://zoom.us/j/4147076779

Meeting ID: 414 707 6779
Password - 653704

Meet The Board

Nico Ciraldo


I currently work in healthcare and pharmaceutical consulting focusing on transformation strategy for various companies. I previously worked at Aetna in their Finance Leadership Program centered around commercial growth. I moved to Connecticut in January of 2019; however, I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ as a result of the Covid Pandemic. Prior to moving to Connecticut, I played soccer for various teams across the country.


I initially joined POA in September of 2019 as a preliminary member shortly after moving to Connecticut as I wanted to get involved in the community on a topic that hit home to me. After getting to know POA and what the organization stood for I joined as an official board member in November 2019.


I took over the Treasurer position in July of 2021.


The unparalleled effort to always put the animals first above all else. POA has an incredible reputation that stretches far beyond Hartford. Without hesitation, POA will do whatever it can to give the best life to both cats and dogs regardless of how much it may cost, how long it may take, and any other obstacles that may occur. From the volunteers to the clinic staff, everyone is entirely devoted to making sure the animals within our care have everything they require and that is rare to find.

View the latest Board Minutes here*.

*board minutes will be on a delay due to need for board approval before releasing.

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